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Biltong Taster Pack

Liking the look of both of our flavours, and struggling to decide which to go for? Well lucky you, because you can try them both in our taster back.


If you’re looking for a taste of traditional South African biltong, and also want to give the chilli variation a go, the taster pack is for you.

It includes 30g of both varieties of biltong so you can mix and match and decide which is your favourite.

Both varieties are made with high quality local Silverside beef, and are infused with totally natural flavours and seasonings. There are no artificial additives, and no dairy, wheat, MSG, nuts or anything like that. It’s high in protein, low in carbohydrates and fat, and absolutely delicious.

Nutrition Information

(Per 100g)

Of which saturated:2.18g
Of which monounsaturated:2.84g
Of which polyunsaturated:0.72g
Of which sugar:2.4g
Homemade Chilli Flavoured Biltong

Homemade Chilli Flavoured Biltong

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Homemade Flavoured Biltong

Homemade Traditional Biltong

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