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Greg & Elizabeth

North Downs Real Food was founded by Greg and Elizabeth.

Greg is South African by birth and his family has been producing biltong for generations. Using an old family recipe, his father would take his produce down to the local farmers’ market every week and it would quickly sell out.

This interest in producing quality food was passed down to Greg, who brought it to the UK. He grows vegetables where he can and has been making delicious biltong intermittently for years. English friends who tasted would invariably ask for more of this traditional South African snack, but the process is time consuming and while living in London Greg settled for getting his fix from a local butcher’s shop.

Fresh British Ingredients

The Start Of North Downs Real Food

Before long Greg started to get the itch to make his own again and saw that there was a gap in the market for real, traditional South Africa biltong made from high quality pasture-raised beef.

Greg and Elizabeth moved out of London, and suddenly had the time and space to make their own. Before long they had ordered a drying cabinet started to find good sources for ingredients in the local area.

Very quickly, as North Downs Real Food, they began producing biltong using Greg’s family recipe.

What We Do

The key to good biltong is in the quality of the ingredients, which we make sure are always all-natural. We use no preservatives, colorants or artificial flavours here – just a blend of natural spices, seasoning and vinegar.We believe it is very important to harmonise with nature and minimise our impact on the environment, so nothing that goes into our biltong uses harmful chemicals and our meat us very ethically sourced.*

The result is a delicious, high-protein, low-carb healthy snack. Biltong is getting ever-more popular with everyone from professional athletes to people in the pub, and we believe ours biltong is just about as good as it gets.

We are also expanding our product range all the time – keep an eye out for other non-biltong snacks in the near future.

*Our meat us currently sourced from a local butcher in the North Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, who gets his meat from a lovely farm just a few miles away.

Hand Prepared and Home made

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